Best Tent For Camping With Dog: 6 Amazing Tents To Choose

Best tent for camping with dog: Your Guide for choosing a tent for camping trips with your pet


When hiking, dogs enjoy the fact that they are given the opportunity to use a special tent. The owner can provide his pet with a suitable tent with the right accessories. With the help of our guide, you will be able to choose the best tent for camping with dog.

In case you are going camping with dogs, you should consider whether your tent is suitable for dogs. Are there any special dog friendly tents for groom, and what are their specifications?

The best tents for camping with dogs are tents that are appropriate for the size and excitable activity of your dog. They are made of durable fabric that is resistant to animal claws.

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room with Screened-In Porch, for example, is extremely durable, so your dog won’t be able to tear or scratch the inside or outside of the tent. Best tents for dogs should also be well-ventilated and appropriate for the season in which the owner and their dog are going to be camping.

Best tent for camping with dog

Best tent for wind: The overview

1.pictureiscomingsoonColeman Dome Tent with Screen Room | Evanston Camping Tent with Screened-In PorchHottest Price Tent4.3
2.pictureiscomingsoon6 Person Easy Pop Up TentBest lightweight Tent4.6
3.pictureiscomingsoonUNP Tents 6 Person Waterproof Windproof Easy Setup,Double Layer Family Camping TentBest Waterproof Tent4.4
4.pictureiscomingsoonGazelle Tents, T3X Hub Tent, Easy 90 Second Set-UpBest small Tent4.8
5.pictureiscomingsoonWenzel Klondike 8 Person Water ResistantBest big Tent4.5

Product Reviews

Hottest Price Tent

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room


The Coleman Tent with Screen Room is one of the largest tents available and can accommodate up to six people. Thanks to this amount of space, even large dogs can comfortably fit inside the tent.

Waterproof and durable, this tent can withstand strong winds and heavy rain. Special seams and protected corners on the sides of the tent prevent water from getting inside.

For ventilation, this unique tent features a screen room that acts as a portable porch. Folding chairs can be placed on the veranda to enjoy the outdoors. Among the best tents for camping with a dog, the Coleman Tent with Screen Room features good air circulation, which provides ventilation, if it gets cold, you can close the windows.

  • large size
  • strong seams and welded corners
  • relatively fast installation in 15 minutes
  • a room with a screen measuring 10 x 5 feet;
  • high interior.
  • rare cases of raincoat leakage;
  • water can seep through the screen space
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Best lightweight Tent

6 Person Easy Pop Up Tent


With a large front door and a hooded rear vent, the inside the tent provides cross-ventilation and prevents condensation. Oversized mesh windows on the left and right sides provide unobstructed airflow. Air vents provide extra ventilation to keep you cool on warm spring and summer days.

In outdoor adventures, every moment counts. It only takes 20 seconds to set up the tent, and you will be able to enjoy your holiday by setting up your tent in no time. This auto tent features a unique design with pre-assembled poles for quick setup.

The unique design of the hall provides a separate area for a large amount of hiking equipment, shoes and large dogs. This tent has room for three camping mats and two built-in pockets for small items. It is perfect for hiking, climbing, traveling, outdoor festivals and camping with dogs and family any time of the year.

  • quick and easy set up: pre-assembled poles allow you to set up the tent in no time;
  • spacious 12.5ft x 8.5ft cabin accommodates 4-6 adults in sleeping bags, 3-5 people with plenty of luggage
  • center height 53.5 inches;
  • large mesh windows on the left and right sides allow heat to escape and keep out insects;
  • floor vents keep you cool on summer nights.
  • on hot days and when set up in the desert, the tent can get very hot, so it should not be used to shelter pets.
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Best Waterproof Tent

UNP Tents 6 Person Waterproof Windproof Easy Setup


The tent is made of all-weather high quality 185T polyester material with a 1000mm high-tech PU hydrostatic coating, so it is 100% waterproof. Four steel leg supports and a rectangular roof make the tent more durable, stable and windproof.

The spacious interior of 10 x 9 feet and the center height of 78 inches make the tent very spacious inside the tent. It holds 6 sleeping bags and has room to get up and change. The design has plenty of built-in storage options: a loft for gear storage, mesh pockets for small essentials.

Two roof vents and a side vent at the bottom create chimney effect ventilation to reduce condensation. Insect screens and doors improve visibility and ventilation. Installation does not require special skills, the tent is easily set up by two people in less than three minutes.

  • fast installation;
  • thanks to the five screens in the tent, a really good airflow is ensured;
  • all screen covers can be easily rolled up, the door can also be rolled up.
  • not too convenient clasp, which sometimes gets stuck at the intersection of two halves of the door.
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Best small Tent

Gazelle Tents, T3X Hub Tent, Easy 90 Second Set-Up


The T3X can easily accommodate up to three people thanks to its comfortable 76″ x 82″ interior space. The T3X tent is fully assembled upon delivery to the customer and takes less than 90 seconds to set up and take down.

At 57 inches long, the T3X folds to fit in the back seat or trunk of most cars, and its compact size and quick assembly make it the perfect car camping tent.

This dog friendly tent can accommodate up to three people and there is plenty of room for additional equipment. Six windows are equipped with a dense mesh to protect against insects. Among the best tents for dog camping, the T3X Hub Tent features the fastest setup.

Thanks to powerful zippers, the doors of the tent are perfectly protected from the wind, and the dog will not be able to unzip them on his own. When folded, the tent is compact and fits in the back seat or trunk of most cars.

  • removable floor for easy cleaning;
  • removable equipment loft + six pockets;
  • all-weather rain cover (removable);
  • large sports bag for easy storage;
  • fast installation – 1.5 minutes.
  • water sometimes gets into the room through mesh windows.
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Best big Tent

Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Water Resistant 


When it comes to camping with dogs, tents with built-in screens are great. Owners love that they can keep their dog separate from the rest of the tent without having to take it out into the cold or wet ground. This tent from Wenzel Klondike is a good choice thanks to its large screen room. This screen room is the same size as some of the other smaller besttents for dogs in this review.

It is worth noting that this tent has a lot of mesh holes. This means that if you plan a camping trip with dogs in wet weather, your equipment is likely to get wet, especially in the screen room. However, if you’re traveling during the hottest months of the year, this tent will help keep you cool and breezy inside.

Many people like that the inside of this tent is high. And thanks to the design of the frame, you can easily get around almost any corner. This tent is perfect for families with multiple dogs.

  • large room with a screen;
  • mesh roof ventilation for better air circulation;
  • durable fiberglass roof frame;
  • high internal design for ease of movement.
  • the tent packed in the bag is quite long, so you will have to be creative to place it in the car.
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What makes a good tent for camping with dogs?

When camping with a dog in the same tent, there are several factors to consider for a comfortable stay. Best tents for camping with dogs have several characteristics.


Oddly enough, the fabric of a tent can seem like an insignificant thing when camping with a dog, and because of this, it may not be given due attention, although it is necessary. You should choose the fabric for your tent depending on the climate and camping location.

Be sure to bring cooling materials, such as cotton or other fabrics, if you plan to camp in the tropics or in high humidity. However, if you are confident in cold weather and want to choose an insulator against the cold, then you should look into nylon. It is not necessary to choose a tent with a single layer: there are tents with several thermal layers that retain more heat.

image 87

There may be warmer and less cold areas in your tent. Buy a special tent  for camping with special areas. These best tents for camping with dogs have multiple layers or other material that is used for sleep and day space, compared to a single layer for a screen room.

Choose breathable materials for trips with relatively different temperatures in the morning and at night to avoid unpleasant condensation or wet spots.

The first thing you need to decide is if you want the inside of your tent to be waterproof. This measure will prevent the dog from leaving dirty marks inside the tent.


It is always a pleasure to look at nature from the height of your campground. As for your dog, depending on its size and breed it could be the opposite: make your dog more alert and increase the number of times he barks at something outside.

image 88

You should always consider your dog’s reaction to barking, as well as his overall energy level, when deciding whether or not windows are needed in the tent.


If you’re going on a cross-country camping trip, consider purchasing a tent made from more durable materials. On a rocky floor, the base material of the tent is subject to wear and small tears.

At best, it will be colder in the tent for camping, and neither you nor your dog will get sick from the temperature difference. In the worst case, water will seep into the tent, dirt and insects will appear. This will shorten your trip as you need a tent that can protect you from the weather.

In addition to rough terrain, heavy rain and storms can also cause serious damage to your tent. Checking the weather forecast before buying a tent and hiking in certain seasons and weather conditions can help avoid damaging your tent.

image 90


You can be sure that good ventilation is critical for you and your dog. This allows stale air to escape from the tent or keeps a fresh smell inside the tent. In this case, you will not encounter unpleasant odors.

Some camping tents have windows, while others have an additional door with tiny air holes. The necessary ventilation depends on the weather conditions and the size of the dog.

You don’t need too much ventilation to travel with a small dog to a place with moderate temperatures. When you travel to a humid region with a large dog that breathes a lot, you need to ensure good air circulation.


The padding of the tent floor is important to keep your space clean and waterproof. This makes sleeping on the floor more comfortable while camping with your dog, and greatly reduces the chances of your dog scratching and tearing the main tent material or damaging the tent on rough terrain. It is also more comfortable for your dog to sleep like that.

With a quality floor covering, nasty rocks or bumps are not pressed against your or your dog’s body while you sleep. The larger the dog, the more likely it is to bruise or backache if it is not properly supported.

image 89


If you have a large dog, then you will need a larger and more spacious tent. In fact, it would be helpful to remember that large tents are usually cooler and more spacious than small tents.

This is because it takes longer for your or your dog’s body heat to dissipate. You should choose your tent size according to the size of your dog, the number of people and animals on this trip, and the climate that awaits you at the campsite. For car camping, a small person tent is suitable.


The location of the rooms inside the tent, convenient for pets, is the key to a great pastime. Finally, it is desirable that the tent has as few cords as possible. This is because the dog can easily stumble on the cords and get hurt, or parts of the best tent for camping can be torn. If you don’t want to spend time assembling your tent when you can rest, buy a person tent with fewer cords.

The tent should also be easily accessible to your dog. Keep a bowl of water outside the tent, or near the entrance if there is one, so your dog can drink freely when he wants to drink. Easy access allows the dog to quickly quench his thirst.

Now that you know the various factors that go into choosing the perfect tent, you certainly understand why we cannot recommend one perfect person tent. Instead, choose your favorite tent from the options above.

What to look for when camping with dog?

Once you’ve got everything packed, here are some tips on how to take care of your trip.

Plan ahead

If you’re booking a camping site, make sure you book it in advance before it fills up. Since there will be a lot of people there, start by socializing your dog by walking him in a crowd and introducing him to new people whenever possible. This will allow the dog to feel comfortable around strangers and allow him to relax and travel when the time is right.

image 85

It’s also a good idea to do some wildlife research in your area, such as looking for poisonous plants your dog might eat and animals he might come into contact with. You should also know the number and location of the nearest veterinarian in case of an accident.

Don’t leave your dog alone. You may have a well-trained dog, but you haven’t considered that there may be other dogs that aren’t very well trained or that may react aggressively or unexpectedly to your dog. Keep your dog on a leash as long as possible and keep an eye on him when he plays. For car camping, it is also necessary to prepare the dog by training it to sleep in a person tent.

Beware of allergies

You may find that your dog has an allergy that you were not aware of prior to your trip. If she starts to sneeze or wheeze, she may have a seasonal allergy. In this case, contact your veterinarian for advice on what to do.

image 86

Let your dog drink regularly

Even sedentary dogs may need more camping water than usual just by going outside. Give your pet plenty of water to drink and monitor his breathing.

Dark-colored and long-haired dogs are more sensitive to heat than light-colored short-haired dogs, so care must be taken when camping with these breeds. It is also important not to allow your dog to drink stagnant water contaminated with blue-green algae or water from nearby lakes or ponds. These algae contain toxins and can make your dog seriously ill.

What to take with you when you go camping with your dog?

It will be better if you have the opportunity to pack appropriately when traveling with pets to ensure their mental stimulation and meet all of his needs. If you’re traveling with your dog, be sure to read our guide to traveling with a pet.

image 84

List of necessary things for hiking with a dog:

  • Dog food + treats.
    Every dog ​​owner knows what their pet’s favorite snacks are. Therefore, the dog will be rewarded for good behavior throughout the trip.
  • A cup of water.
    It is not always convenient to carry a regular water bowl with you, for this reason it is worth considering purchasing a collapsible water bowl. There are a huge number of such bowls for dogs on the market, so finding the right one will be quite simple.
  • Leash.
    A leash for a dog is necessary if you are in place motionless for a long time and do not want to leave it unattended.
  • Medicines in the first aid kit.
    And if your dog has an allergic reaction to something, bring allergy medication with you. You will need bandages with you, as well as other materials to help your dog in case of a cut or scrape.
  • Leash for swimming.
    If you don’t have a swim leash, consider purchasing one. This accessory will not rust and is a safe way to keep your dog in the water.
  • Waste bags.
    However, even if your dog is far from home and you have to go to the forest, you should not use the excuse that it is biodegradable. Don’t cause problems for your fellow campers and be sure to pick up dog packs anywhere you choose to camp.
  • Token.
    With the help of tokens, you can contact the owner if the dog suddenly gets lost.
  • Outdoor toys.
    Anything can happen to ordinary toys: they can get dirty, wallow in the mud, break or get wet. That is why you need to buy outdoor toys. These things, as a rule, should not be too expensive and complicated. The dog will definitely be happy to play a regular ball outside.
  • Comfortable boots.
    If the dog does not have special booties, it is always good to have them with you in nature. They come in handy to prevent injury to your pet’s paws when running cross country and jumping over rocks.
  • Photos of the pet.
    If your dog is lost in a forest or park, you must have an up-to-date photo so that other hikers can identify your dog and find it faster.
  • Sleeping bag.
    If you’re going on a hike in a cold area, a dog sleeping bag will help your pet out of the cold.
  • Pet Wipes.
    Hypoallergenic wet wipes are essential for pet owners to pet their dogs and remove dirt and leaves between baths.


Can you sleep in a tent with a dog?

When you go camping with dogs, you might wonder if you should let them sleep in the same tent as you. If it is rainy or damp outside, you will suffer from the characteristic smell of a wet dog.

Should you leave your dog to sleep outside the tent when you go camping? It is not recommended, because in nature the pet may be bitten by insects, attacked by other dogs or wild animals, and the dog may also get lost.

image 81

Therefore, it is better for a pet to sleep in a tent with its owner. To do this, you can use your own tent or buy a special dog sleeping bag. However, the latter option is not recommended for owners of small puppies.

Before you go camping, make a test run with your dog at the tent you will be using. It is also possible to spend the night outdoors, such as in the backyard or in a nearby field.

If you buy a best tent for camping for your dog, train him to sleep in it a few days before a big hike. Well trained, especially older dogs love to sleep in tents. However, you shouldn’t let your puppy sleep in the dog tent because he can get away and get lost. Just hug him instead.

How do you sleep with a dog while camping?

Most “traveling dogs” can be kept outdoors or under a tarp, although there are differences between breeds. Dogs have a different metabolic system than humans, and they produce a lot of heat. Try spending the night with a blanket handy and see if your dog starts to shiver violently. If not, next time you can skip the blanket camping with dogs.

image 80

Also, instead of (or in addition to) a blanket, you can use a thin foam polystyrene rug. Even dogs cannot use their body heat to warm the cold ground. A rug can also help them relax in an unfamiliar place when the dog realizes that this is “her place”. In addition, after a long walk, most dogs will be happy to sleep in a tent to get a good rest.

Is tent good for dogs?

The answer to this question will always depend on the individual dog. Some dogs are very comfortable in a tent, while others are claustrophobic. The owner of the dog is advised to set up a tent at home or in the garden and try to put the dog there. If the dog feels good, he should be fine on the trip. If not, you may need to practice spending time in a tent with your dog to get used to it. We listed 5 many dog friendly tents in our Review.

One of the best dog friendly tents for camping is Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room makes your dog feel comfortable while camping.

image 79

Can dogs stay warm in a tent?

The pet supplies industry is so inventive that there is no shortage of dog tents of all sizes on the market. If you purchase this item for your pet, it will provide extra insulation and warmth. Just place the smaller tent for camping inside the larger one and close the zipper.

The mesh screen provides good air circulation, allowing the dog to breathe freely and maintain a comfortable temperature. It is recommended to spread a sleeping mat under the tent. You can then lay down a dog bed or blanket for extra cushioning.

Pet sleeping bags also come with a waterproof shell so your dog can stay warm and dry, just like a human sleeping bag. Many dog ​​sleeping bags are lightweight and quite compact.

Sleeping bags can create a warm place for your pet to curl up and sleep on a camping trip. They can also provide warmth even when they are not active, even when they are not awake. Thanks to the warm air in the bag, your pet will always be comfortable in the tent.

image 83

How cold is too cold for dog camping?

It is often concluded that many dogs are less susceptible to colds because of their coat. This is partly due to the fact that most dogs don’t really experience the cold the way we humans do. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t freeze.

Most dogs cannot tolerate prolonged exposure to temperatures below 40°C. It depends on the breed, age, weather, and dog camping equipment. However, a general guideline is a temperature of 40°C, below which dogs should limit their time outdoors.

If the temperature is above 40°C, the dog will do well outside. However, keep in mind that not all dogs tolerate the cold equally well. Therefore, at low temperatures, it is worth especially carefully preparing for camping with dogs.

How can I keep my dog warm at night while camping?

To keep your dog warm at night in a tent in cold weather, you can prepare special things to warm your pet. First, you can buy a dog costume or coat. Clothes for dogs are sewn from different materials, so you can choose both light options for a little warming and very warm ones.

image 77

All coats are held in place with Velcro straps and snap buttons. One is on the dog’s collar and the other is on the chest. The coat covers only the back and sides of the dog from the neck to the hind legs.

For winter hikes and cold countries, insulated suits for dogs are suitable; they can be lined with down and resemble winter down jackets. The outer shell on such products is usually waterproof. They can be made with a hood and pockets.

If the animal is uncomfortable in the costume, you can use a blanket and hug the pet. For this, special camping blankets are sold, made from special fabrics. Often such products have a waterproof and warm side.

The best tent  for camping Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room allows you to perfectly keep warm in autumn and spring.

image 82


Hiking with your dog with tent can be great fun, but before you go on a trip with your dog, you need to have the right plan. Otherwise, things can go wrong very quickly. Read the descriptions of many of best tents for camping with your dog listed here, this review will help you choose the right one for you and your pet.

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